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April Fuel.

Let me be the 94th person to say "I can't believe it's April already!"

Well, it is. How are those New Year's Resolutions working out for you? Have they been re-invented as lenten commitments yet? Mine too, just with a bit more slack at the weekend...

Three months into the year, and the new financial year kicks in right now. Perhaps this is the real New Year, and this is when our resolutions should start instead?

From a healthcare perspective, this year we've already had Brain Tumour awareness month, DVT month, the Marie Curie daffodil appeal, You can Care week, and dozens of others.

Updating your website and social media pages with new blogs, articles and posts on these various days, weeks and months help raise awareness of the issue, and, as they are original content, really help boost all the things that need boosting when you're trying to grow an audience without spending a fortune on ads. Raising awareness of you and your business at the same time as joining some important (and some not so important conversations).

Organic audiences are way more loyal too. Here's a post I scribbled a few months ago on the subject if you have a moment to spare on why regular content is important .

Never fear though, there's still time. In April alone, we have days weeks and in some cases the entire month dedicated to Stress, Immunisation, Bowel Cancer, Parkinson's, MS, Autism, and if none of that floats your boat, we also have National Asparagus Day towards the end of the month.

Regular original content is good business, and investing in it makes sound business sense.

May is busy too. Everyone knows that May the Fourth is Star Wars Day, so are you ready with your posts, and could you have some fun with that building your presence? This year, May the 4th also happens to be World Ankylosing Spondylitis Day. AS is a form of arthritis that affects 1:200 people in the UK, twice as many as MS or Parkinson's. So how about getting involved in that conversation?

Also in May we have awareness of Skin Cancer, Clean Air, Asthma, Maternal Mental Health, Dementia and Strokes being recognised and promoted. Are you ready to get involved in those?

I mention health awareness days here, but there are loads of other, non health related themes, some serious, some not so, and the benefits of posting about all or some of them are just the same. Zombie Awareness month or National Biscuit Day anyone?

So never mind being an April Fool... get organised with your online April Fuel (geddit?) and let's get 2019 started with some solid resolutions. If you want to talk about creating some original content, and how you might benefit, please click here to get in touch and we'll set something up very soon... definately before National Biscuit Day.

Thanks for reading.