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Seven evergreen content ideas.

I'm a big fan of regular, interestingly curious posts, and love reading about what's happening in companies I'm interested in.

These posts are both new and original, and they definitely help search engines find you on-line. The downside is though, that current news and what's happening posts can have a limited shelf-life.

While regular up to date posts are crucial, they really need to go hand in hand with content that stays relevant over time. Content that helps customers (or potential customers) find you through a search without you having to constantly re-write the content.

This kind of content keeps on giving, and like a tree that keeps it's leaves over the winter, it's evergreen.

So what kind of content should you think about commissioning to sit on your site, and what kind of evergreen content attracts new audiences on a regular basis?

Below is a list of seven types of post that can sit on your site and draw in a new audience on a regular basis... The Cash Cow of content. It can attract new people by making use of regular search terms, and then, once the e-door is open, you can build the on-line relationship with your more regularly updated content.

Since my posts this week have been mostly focussed on World Alzheimer's Week, we'll link the ideas below to the healthcare sector, but you can use the same principles for any sector, financial services, motor sales, property agents, anything really. Here goes.

1. How to posts and guides. Find out what the most popular Google search terms are for your sector, and then write a how-to guide to answer the questions. One of the top 'how-to' questions on Google is regularly "How to lose weight", so for our example you might consider a 'how to lose weight (or keep a healthy weight) as I get older' post. Other examples might be:

How to find the right care home.

How to pay for care.

How to plan financially for my retirement.

All the above are regularly searched for, and with such high price tags involved in residential care, evergreen content sitting on your site will attract people without you paying for the extra advertising.

2. Beginner's Guides. Fabulous guides, a bit like the how-to guides, but aimed at people completely new to the language or issues around a given subject. Being able to think through an issue and write jargon free guides really helps generate loyalty. Examples include:

What is dementia, and how will I know if my mum has it?

What benefits can I receive?

What does a good Care Home look like?

A beginner's guide to caring for older people.

What are the alternatives to residential care.

All these issues give you the opportunity to introduce new customers to your services, and generate a balanced narrative, building trust.

3. Answer specific questions. Pretty self-explanatory. Again, find common sector specific questions, and create short punchy content to answer them, embedding links to other questions and guides that arise from the answer. For example:

What is the cost of care? You post an answer, and then embed links to your beginners guide to care or your how-to guide to finding the right Care Home.

What is music therapy? You post a short article on the activity itself and the benefits, with a link to a guide on what to look for in a good Care Home.

4. Curating general content. This is where you (or we) scan sector materials and pull a summery together in one place. By doing this, preferably regularly, you become a trusted voice within your sector and a go-to company for simplifying complexity. It can either be general timeline summaries, or specific issue curation. Examples include:

Care in the news this month.

Winter bed pressure, what's happening?

Flu Jabs... should I have one?

Issues tend to be of current interest, and you can choose to include an opinion or just present an overview. You then add links to other sources of support, and also to your content funnelling your audience into your sales process. If you are in healthcare, and you haven't thought about winter bed pressure in the coming months, you probably should, so please feel free to get in touch here if we can help.

5. Case Studies. What makes you special? Great facilities, great regulator or customer reviews? Brilliant staff delivering amazing service? Why not build a library of true stories celebrating your business? They fit really well into evergreen content, and make fabulous stories to link, share and use in advertising, both for new business, and for recruitment:

A day in the life of a carer.

Life in our home.

My apprenticeship, and how it helped me.

6. Lists. You'll have heard of clickbait. One of the 10 reasons it works though (see what I did there?) , is that it tells your reader exactly how much commitment you're asking of them. Lists and checklists suggest short, easy to follow content which visitors may well appreciate. Examples include:

10 things to look for when you visit a Care Home.

5 things to ask your GP.

8 behaviours to look for in Care Workers.

Short, punchy, and the opportunity to embed links again to build the relationship.

7. Authoritative detailed content. Some readers want to understand the detail of an issue to improve their understanding. Often these are called white papers. By taking a sector issue (social care funding for example) and generating a more detailed post, you build a reputation as a voice of authority within your sector. This leads to a broader discussion on e-books and white papers as part of your content strategy, but in essence, providing a detailed overview of some of your sector's most nuanced issues is content that can deliver again and again, with examples including:

Funding and Care

Staffing in Care.

The Apprentice Levy in Care.

While the examples above reflect the Care sector, hopefully you can see how these evergreen content ideas can be transferred across all types of business. So take a look at your site. Do you have regular updates? Blog posts, latest news etc., and are you keeping them up to date? Good. Now, do you have some evergreen content to keep bringing new traffic to your site?

Would you like a free consultation to discuss how we can develop solid original evergreen content together and how it can fit into your wider content strategy? If so, we'd love to hear from you, so please click here, and get right back to you.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to like, comment and share.


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