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Why regular engaging content is crucial and how often should you post?

Imagine two emails popping up in your in-box today.

One is from company A. They sell bananas. You receive the email because you came across a special offer they had some months ago, and to access the offer you had to give them your email address.

Now you get frequent emails, reminding you that they sell bananas and how much they are.

The second email is from company B. They also sell bananas. You receive emails from them because you came across a special offer they had some months ago, and to access the offer, you needed to give them your email address.

Now you get frequent emails, sharing interesting news in the world of bananas: their health benefits, updates on fair trading, recipe ideas, related historical titbits, fun facts, trivia and a reminder that company B is still there if ever you want to buy some more bananas.

On the surface, Company A is being purely transactional, and as a comodity maybe that's what youre looking for.

Company B is trying to build a relationship and a longer term loyalty by investing in more engaging content.

This approach is designed to both generate sales and increase brand awareness. It does much more than that though.

It also shows that your website is active. Updated content, blogs recently posted, engaging conversation leads to better sales, but doesn't just ram it down your audience's throats. It also helps build relationships, and with that, trust.

Which site would you trust more? The one working harder to engage you and share their passion, or the one which just drops clumsy sales pitches?

Apart from the clear benefits of improving your relationships with your audience, approach B has some behind the scenes benefits too.

Fresh and original content on your site improves your rankings on search engines. The likes of Google like to see sites working to publish new, original and unique content. In this example, you can find the health benefits of bananas easily online, but with a post specifically written for you highlighting these benefits, the search engines clock original and unique content, improving your rankings on searches, and saving you money on keyword advertising.

The same original content can then be shared across your social accounts, all signing your audience to your core site and sales process. You can also diarise the content to re-share at a later date. Content that can be used again and again is called evergreen content, and it's a good idea to build a bank of this which you can work with regularly.

So original content is the gift that keeps on giving. If you'd like a free consultation to discuss how we could help you, please get in touch here.

How often should you add new content though? Well, it really depends what you're selling and what you have to say.

A rule of thumb is three times a week. More if you're involved in news, sports or current affairs where the landscape is constantly moving, slightly less if you are in a slower moving business.

A company blog is a really good starting point. Punchy, easy to read posts, with something original and interesting to say. Sounds understandable, but many corporate blogs fail simply because the resources, both time and money aren't allocated.

That's where we come in. We can write your posts for you, and you can post to your website, with social links on a schedule. If you'd like to talk about how we can help with your company blog, please get in touch here.

As an aside, a happy posthumous birthday today to Michael Jackson, who would have turned 60 today.

As I like to share...here's a great banana loaf recipe too.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you!