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I know August has just started, but...

Yesterday was Yorkshire Day!

You probably saw posts on here, Twitter, Facebook etc. The day enjoyed widespread and fabulous coverage on tv and radio too.

Thousands of brands, Yorkshire based and not, jumped on board. Some are Yorkshire through and through. Some have shops, offices or services in the wonderful place, and some just wanted an opportunity to get their brand in front of an audience.

Fair enough. Original written content, with a theme, is becoming more and more important in building on-line relationships with people. Whether these people are current, past or potential customers, or current, past or potential employees is irrelevant. The platform, the closure and the call to action might be different depending on the audience, but the opening is the same.

With the advent of the marvellous GDPR I have (and perhaps you have too?) revelled in culling numerous crass sales pitching emails that I had (mostly) inadvertently signed up to.

Now we all have the chance to cleanse our on-line selves. I have kept the ones that make me smile, and I've kept the ones that tell me interesting things, even if what they tell me isn't immediately linked to what they are trying to sell me.

Gone are the ones who email me every day. Gone are the ones who only email me when they want me to buy something. Unfollowed are the ones who only share self indulgent hard-sell posts, and I rarely, if ever, click on a FB ad that pops up.

But Yorkshire Day. Yorkshire Day gave a load of brands the opportunity to remind me that they were still there if I needed them. It gave people the chance to make me smile with a little joke or two, and it was a nice moment of truth to get a 'Happy Yorkshire Day' message even if my only real link to God's Own County is a life that has been filled with the hope, elation and inevitable disappointment of a Leeds United fan.

Themed written content, or content with context, is a broad and clean route to engage with people. It's worth investing some time in to get the best out of it. Themes can be about anything, and most can become brand or sector appropriate with a bit of thought.

August, for example has the following awareness days and weeks:

International Youth Day.

Breastfeeding Awareness Week.

Allotment Week.

Afternoon Tea Week.

International Cat Day.

World Humanitarian Day.

As well as other awareness days, there are amazing birthdays (a-hem) and historical anniversaries for every day of the month.

If you think it's a bit late for August, but you like the idea of planning for September, fair enough.

September is a busy month. It's a month rich with opportunities to engage with tailored awareness days and week posts. There is a broad selection to choose from and if you work in healthcare, this is quite an important health-conscious month.

You could raise awareness of Alzheimers, Blood Cancer, Children's Cancer, Vascular Diseases across the whole of the month, but there are also celebratory/awareness days for International Literacy, Charity, British Foods, and Genes for Genes.

If you prefer a lighter touch, Beyonce, Idris Elba, Rachel Hunter and Colin Firth all celebrate their birthdays in September and we'll celebrate anniversaries of hundreds of social, political and sporting events throughout the month.

It's possibly the busiest month in the calendar for awareness opportunities, so now is a good time to start planning your content.

Love the idea, but worried that the day job might get in the way? No problem, drop me a note here and we'll be more than happy to help.

From providing you with a calendar, to helping plan and create your content schedule, through to writing content for you, we can help you build your relationships with original written content, in context and with a plan.

If you want to see a previous post that talks a bit more about this, click here.

If you just want a complimentary consultation to discuss content and how it could work for you, please get in touch here.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy National Fishing Month and If you're Stateside, enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich Day, India Pale Ale Day, and Colouring Book Day, all of which sound pretty cool.

I'm off to celebrate Ice Cream Sandwich Day... I may be some time...