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You'll be amazed at these Five Pillars of Internal Communication...

"I know it's important...I'm just a bit busy at the moment." said a colleague to me not that long ago.

You can take your pick to be fair as to what the topic of conversation was, marketing comms, social media, office catch-up etc. On this occasion though, I was trying to corral some time to talk about internal communication. That's internal communication in principle, rather than any specific newsletter, email or blog post, which is a whole different post for another day.

Anyway, I was slogging through twitter on the way home, and all of these clickbait headlines were shouting at me.

'You won't believe what Queen Victoria looks like now!'

'Hitchin mum is making £4m a day with this simple invention!'

'Ten steps to world peace and you won't believe number 7!'

You get the idea.

So, I thought about grabbing folks attention by trying that method and as a result, here you have it...

The Five Pillars to Great Internal Communication...And you won't believe number 4!

Great comms are simple when you have a plan, so plan the work...and work the plan. In short, make sure your comms are:

1. Clear.

2. Consistent.

3. Accessible.

4. Honest.

5. Fast.

In slightly longer terms, make sure your comms are:

1. Clear. Say what you want to say in clear short sentences. Keep it simple.

2. Consistent. Communicate often. Blogs, articles, emails, newsletters. Remember, regular face to face is still important.

3. Accessible. Intranet, emails, texts etc. Paper in staff-rooms and pay-slips if still available. Face to face is still important.

4. Honest. You can't fake care. People will see through you. A genuine engaging tone leads to engaged teams.

5. Fast. 'You heard it here first' is a good mantra. If it has not been sent out in the internal comms, then it's gossip.

If you want even longer terms, drop me a line here, and we'll talk.

Let's remember why good internal comms are important...

90% of leaders surveyed by ACCOR believe Employee Engagement directly impacts their success. 75% don't even have a plan.

Millennials will be 46% of the workforce by 2020. 75% by 2025. They like to know what's going on. They'll leave if they don't.

Over a 12 month period, companies with engaged employees show a 19% increase in operating income compared to a 33% decrease in companies with actively disengaged employees (Towers Perrin, 2008).

New employees want to know about opportunities. Longer term employees want to feel valued. They both need to hear and be heard.

Managers care and produce more development opportunities for employees than they did 8 years ago.. Over the same period, employees know less about these opportunities. They need to hear about them.

The one that sticks out for me is the first one... 90% know it's important...25% have a plan.

If you want a free, no obligation consultation to talk about your internal communications plan, click here, and we'll come back to you to set something up.

Thanks for reading, I'm off to see what Queen Victoria is up to.