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What do you mean by themed content, and what's all the fuss about?

Chatting to a pal over the weekend and he asked me what I was up to.

I explained that I create content to help businesses grow their reputations and their sales by posting something regularly, posting something interesting, and posting something that the reader didn't know they wanted to read, normally linked to a theme.

He politely nodded, but I'm not sure I'd explained myself very well, so I tried again. "Think of a theme" I said. "Football" he said straight away.

So I took the theme of football. We spent 20 minutes looking into anniversaries of great matches, birthdays of famous figures and moments in history. We took a random month, July (because it's er... July...) and before you knew it, we had found six potentially interesting dates.

July 30th 1996. Newcastle sign 25-year old Alan Shearer from Blackburn for a world record fee of £15m.

July 17th 2011. Japan win the women's world cup, beating the favourites the USA on penalties.

July 13th 2003. Man City auctioned off the seats, turnstiles doors and the pitch of Maine Road ahead of moving to the City of Manchester Stadium.

July 9th 2001. Real Madrid signed Zinadine Zidane from Juventus for a world record fee of €76m

July 5th 1953. László Kubala made his first appearance for Spain, completing an unusual hat-rick of national teams he played for.

July 4th 1990. England lose to West Germany on penalties in the World Cup semi-finals...the one where Gazza cried.

What now he asked. Well, I explained, I take those dates and write a 500-700 word article or blog post for each. At the end of each post, I link back to the business, including the opportunity to engage further in whatever goods or services the business is selling.

We then schedule these posts to go out throughout the month to any email subscribers. We upload to the blog page of the company website and post links to them on any social media pages, so Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Linkedin all get the post at the same time as email subscribers and the website.

We space the posts out so that a new article is uploaded usually three times a week. If there are gaps, we either find more dates to create themed content around, or fill in the gaps with more traditional marketing content.

My friend got the process, but wasn't sure why it was particularly helpful.

Well, we picked one month and a particular theme as an example. If you had a business and you wanted to keep in contact with your customers, but had lost a load of subscribers after the introduction of the GDPR, this approach gives you the opportunity to build that audience again, but to stand out by taking a different approach.

You could have a sport themed approach all year long if you wanted, or film and culture, arts or a simple 'this day in history' theme is brilliant and really flexible.

If you were in healthcare, we could theme your content around innovations in healthcare, and if you sold cars, we could use the history of the automotive industry. Some themes are closer to the business in question, and some are more general. They both work.

Finally I told him, every day is 'International Something Day', 'World Something Week or Month', so these lend themselves to fantastic themed weeks or months.

I'm writing this post on the 23rd July for example, which just so happens to be Gorgeous Grandma Day, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Day and Yada Yada Yada Day... & July is Independent Retailers Month, so there's a cracking theme for the whole month of July.

By theming your content, you're investing in your relationship with your existing and potential customers. You work harder to build an audience interested in what you have to say, and by being in front of them regularly with subtle, less shouty messaging, you'll be there when they need you or want you. By saying something interesting, your customers can share your content and become advocates for your business.

We can help you create and post original content, growing your audience and reducing your ad spend. We work with you to plan a proactive campaign, building your reputation, and your audience. Interested in a free no-obligation consultation? email us here and we'll come straight back to you.

Thanks for reading!


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