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Has GDPR killed the monthly newsletter?

Do email newsletters still have a role to play after the recent GDPR email sweep?

For me, the best thing about the recent email flood from companies telling me how much they love me and don’t want to say goodbye was the resulting cull of junk mail.

So all hail the GDPR for that.

As preparation for this post, I spent some time looking at what actually came into my inbox, and why I didn’t really pay much attention to it.

I learnt that I don’t really like clumsy ‘BUY THIS’ emails.

If a company has sent me one once, then I’m less likely to open the next email (lots of unopened ones in my mailbox). It turns out I hold email grudges...who knew?

I do though tend to keep emails forever. I’m rubbish at binning and filing them. I guess it's a modern day version of my garage... I'll keep it just in case... I might need it one day...

I opened my email as i was writing this post, & my oldest email was from December 2011. It's in the bin now, and I've never felt so alive!

So with my cleansing cull, I now only get emails from companies that I actually want to hear from, or from causes that are important to me. I also get regular updates from companies and blogs who tell me interesting things.

So is it worth keeping the email marketing thing going in the new GDPR world, and, if so, how do you make them have impact and get read?

First things first. Recent studies into email marketing show a 122% ROI for email marketing and the research also concludes that e-marketing accounting for about 23% of all sales, so when it works, it's good value for money. In short, yes it is worthwhile keeping an email campaign going.

How do you make it more impactful though? Well, that’s where we come in. One of our core services is writing bespoke articles, e-marketing content and blog posts to keep your brand in the mind of your current and potential customers.

Our approach is to open the article with something interesting relating to that day in history. Some people like a bit of general history, while others like to theme posts, so what happened today in the film, entertainment or sporting world for example.

As I write this article, today’s paper is full of events taking place over the weekend to mark the suffragette movement, so a couple of interesting facts about that would be a good start. In the world of entertainment, today would have been Gene Wilder’s 85th birthday, so a possible opening to an article would be to mention him, some of his films and a funny story or two, we then create a link to your brand and include a call to action for your customers to engage with you and or the services you provide.

Keeping your communications snappy, interesting and regular will help you stay on the radar of your customers. Busy business owners understand the benefits, but rarely have the time to do it justice. Get in touch here for a free consultation on your e-marketing plans and to see how we can work together.

With us you’ll get great content, written with a light touch and with humour, along with the professional service and the personal touch of our family business.

Thanks for reading!


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