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Employee newsletters or snooze-letters?

"Nice idea, but a bit of a chore really. people just know what's going on."

That was a genuine quote once from a colleague once when I suggested a simple monthly electronic employee newsletter. To be fair, they had a point with the chore bit. They were completely off the pace though thinking that people knew what was going on.

The first employee newsletter was a source of pride and celebration, and the second one was too. We'd just had an awards event so had some lovely pictures to share of people all dressed up and receiving recognition. By the third edition it had become a bit of a chore, and before long the advent of the next deadline was met with “It can't be that time already?”

With flexible and mobile working on the increase, and fewer people working in the same building than was the case twenty years ago, it’s becoming more and more important for employees to receive regular clear and consistent information, in a regular, clear and consistent way.

A newsletter really helps employees feel informed, and when managed well, can have a really positive impact on your employee satisfaction.

We deliver strong employee newsletters for you focussing on three critical areas, information, motivation, and contribution.

  1. Information. Your newsletter needs to tell people what’s going on in the company. Welcome new people, set the tone and pace and comment on external relevant factors if you want to.

  2. Motivation. A well written newsletter is a fantastic forum to celebrate and recognise the behaviours that you want to see replicated. Recognition is hugely powerful. Make the most of it.

  3. Contribution. Your newsletter is the perfect vehicle for taking the company pulse. The days of ‘we do a 60+ question employee engagement survey every year’ being the best and only way to measure employee satisfaction are numbered. With your newsletter distributed electronically, you both save on the costs of printing and postage, and you have the opportunity to have a real time dialogue with your employees. Pulse surveys, forums, Q&A, morphing into internal social media platforms. The grapevine is ruthlessly efficient, engage and make good use of it.

Employees tend to be more satisfied when they know what’s going on in the company. A regular newsletter helps confirm or deny rumours, and keeps people up to date in a clear way. It’s a simple, effective tool, and it needs to be carefully tailored to hit the mark.

If you’d like us to help with your employee newsletter, please get in touch here. You’ll get regular great content, written in a consistent tone of voice, and depending on your needs and budget, we can write, distribute, review and provide surveys and analytics as needed.

If you'd like to discuss and form a broad plan for employee engagement and culture, let us know. Ask how we've helped companies achieve recognition as great places to work over a dozen times. We are here to help!

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