About Me

Hi, I'm Jeremy.


That's me on the left, and Ronald Colman on the right. It's rare for a film star to have the same surname as me spelt the same way, so I use that image quite a lot.

After a career in hospitality running bars, kitchens and restaurants with Whitbread and the Restaurant Group, I joined the coffee revolution with Coffee Republic to focus on HR. 

A few years later I found myself in the world of social care, specifically in Barchester Healthcare's care homes. At first the synergy wasn't obvious, but the challenges from a people perspective are almost identical. Hourly schedules, anti-social hours, tight margins, low levels of retention and engagement etc.

As the HR Director for Barchester, I helped the business grow from around 70 homes when I joined, to over 200 when I left, and I also saw the number of people we employed rise from 3,000 to 17,500. 

After holding similar roles in early years education with Bright Horizons and domiciliary care with City and County, I decided in 2018 to go it alone.

My skills transfer to any sector, but it's fair to say that hospitality, retail, healthcare and the charity sector are probably my strongest areas.


I work closely with senior leaders to develop world class HR plans which are proportionate for the size of business, and I bring informality and simplicity to an area which is easy to  over-complicate.


Having been an operator for ten years, a marketeer for five and an HR professional for 20, I bring a rounded approach to business and am able to consider cost and benefits of all plans through multiple lenses.

By getting to know people and spending time understanding how a business works, I influence change through collaboration. As a result of my personalised approach high levels of engagement with any changes we agree follow, increasing both speed and efficiency of impact.


A client recently said "I know you're a consultant, but it doesn't feel like it." Which I chose to take as a compliment.

Outside of work I love the Silver Screen era of cinema history and have built a database of release dates currently running at 15,339 films. (If you want to know what was released on your birthday, just drop me a note!) Other than that, family, friends, animals and Leeds United, although not always necessarily in that order.


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